Trying to describe what CMC² does is a bit like trying to hit a moving target at 200 hundred miles an hour. Why? Because our company is constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs, adapt to changing demands, and fulfill our own desire for variety and passion. So, what we do depends, in large part, on what you want. We can do everything on a project (from creating the concept and producing the product, to identifying target audiences and implementing marketing plans), or just one part of a project (like providing direction, script development, lighting, or project management services).

If we don’t have the expertise you need on staff, we can call on our vast network of sub-contractors from around the world to provide specialized writing, programming and promotion services, and much, much more. We can provide one person to help you (like a director, producer, project manager, camera person or editor) or pull together a fully qualified team of people right from our staff to handle your project from beginning to end.

We help all kinds of organizations – from national and state government agencies, worldwide television networks, Hollywood studios, trade associations, universities, and international conglomerates to small businesses, local advertising and public relations firms, schools, and even individuals. We work with and create all types of media – from high-definition video, film, and print to animation, web design, interactive online learning and testing, apps, and games.

  • Android / iPhone App design
  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • Graphic design
  • Game Design
  • Online games
  • Web design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Animation
  • Online surveys
  • Online ads
  • Webcasts
  • Blu-Ray production
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • HD Live Streaming Video
  • Video Duplication
  • VHS transfer to DVD
  • Cassette transfer to CD
  • Print design
  • Brochure design
  • Poster design
  • Business cards
  • Cinematography
  • HD Videography
  • Still Photography
  • Multi-camera production
  • Full crews
  • Full rig lighting
  • HD Editing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Original music scores
  • Audio voice over
  • Talent (on camera and voiceover)
  • Audio translation
  • Sudio rental
  • Sound booth rental
  • Video conferences
  • Special Event coverage
  • Media consulting
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We never impose the same process on two projects. We understand and appreciate that every project is unique and deserves a fresh and creative approach. We listen carefully to your needs and identify the most inventive and ingenious ways to meet them. If you aren’t quite sure what you want, we’ll help you figure that out, too.


While we have expertise in all aspects of media production, we’re relentlessly curious about everything else. We’re quick learners who are excited and energized by new challenges. So even if we haven’t done something before, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it for you. We’ll simply take what we already know and apply that to helping you accomplish your goals.


Although our approach to work isn’t stuffy or staid, we’re extremely serious about quality. We deliver interesting, appealing, and highly effective products on time and within budget. While many companies have great ideas, the staff at CMC² believes strongly in being great implementers and finishers. From beginning to end, we’ll involve you in every step of the process to make sure you get a product that is exactly what you want and need.


While it may seem passé for a hip media company to talk about ethics, we are completely committed to the traditional idea of doing solid work in a reputable way. We’ll listen carefully and thoughtfully to your ideas, treat you and your staff with respect, and deliver on our promises. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we’ll put in the extra time and energy (on our own dime) to make it right. It’s just the decent thing to do.


Cheeney Media Concepts
Suite 100
3496 E. Lake Lansing Rd
East Lansing, MI 48823

Cheeney Media Concepts





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  Our Work

c2Earth Images

We created c2Earth Images to transform your television into a living work of art with long-form high definition scenes shot with care all over America.

CME Genius

Most licensed medical professionals still use paper and pencil as their only method of documentation to comply with requirements to maintain their medical licenses. CME Genius is here to change that by working on both Android and iPhone.

CE Genius

What CME Genius does for physicians CE Genius does for nursing professionals on both Android and iPhone.

Hole Slide

A deceptively simple Android game which gives the player one simple choice: left or right? The holes keep coming faster and faster so you need to keep up to slide on through.

Pain Box

An agonizingly difficult Android game that asks you only to hit a white box - then throws everything at you to make it nearly impossible.

Indian Hills Custom Golf

Noted golf course Indian Hills wanted a website that would highlight their unique charms, so we created a uniquely charming web presence for them.

Onstar Unbox

Our background is firmly rooted in broadcast television, so we are still called upon to work on big productions such as this video in which Chevy unveiled the newest features for Onstar.

Heroes of Zaratan

We've even started a new animated webs series for kids detailing the adventures of mythical creatures in the mysterious land of Zaratan.

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